Panel, paper: Current issues in Digital Humanities

On October I was on a panel on the Digital Humanities at the Open University – my talk notes are blogged at Notes on current issues in Digital Humanities.

I co-authored a paper titled ‘Colloquium: Digital Technologies: Help or Hindrance for the Humanities?’ (with Elton Barker, Chris Bissell, Lorna Hardwick, Allan Jones and John Wolffe), published in the ‘Digital Futures Special Issue Arts and Humanities in HE’ edition of Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

Interview: 'Games at the museum'

I was interviewed for the Microtask crowdsourcing blog.  Their abstract:

Culture heritage technologist Mia Ridge is a champion of crowdsourced museum gaming. Mia has worked as a developer for several world-class museums and is now writing her PhD on crowdsourcing digital heritage. She describes games as the “participation engine” of crowdsourcing.

Taking time out from her busy speaking schedule, Mia told us how and why museums should be raising their game…

'Games at the museum: Mia Ridge interview'.

My Europeana Tech 2011 keynote: 'Open for engagement: GLAM audiences and digital participation'

I was one of two keynotes at Europeana Tech in Vienna in October 2011. I've posted my talk notes at My Europeana Tech keynote: Open for engagement: GLAM audiences and digital participation. There's a video of my keynote 'Open for engagment: GLAM audiences and digital participation' on YouTube (but I haven't watched it so have no idea if it works as a video).

Some of my other notes from the conference are at Notes from EuropeanaTech 2011.