NEH Fellowship for the Polis Center Institute on 'Spatial Narrative and Deep Maps: Explorations in the Spatial Humanities'

I was awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities Fellowship for the Polis Center's Institute on ''Spatial Narrative and Deep Maps: Explorations in the Spatial Humanities'. In their words, "this two-week intensive institute brings leading scholars from around the world to explore how deep maps can support relevant issues in spatial humanities".

A sneak preview of some of our prototyping work is available at Interface designs for deep maps: a presentation from #PolisNEH to #UCLADH.  Some of the discussions about deep maps were captured in a post I wrote on Open Objects after the first week, 'Halfway through 'deep maps and spatial narratives'…' and a post on the project blog for the last day of the Institute, Catch the wind.

Other posts written by participants include:

Scholar-in-residence, Cooper-Hewitt

I was invited to spend a week in New York as scholar-in-residence at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, a museum of the Smithsonian Institution dedicated to design.  At the end of the week I presented my results to staff and wrote a post for their 'Labs' blog about my experience: Mia Ridge explores the shape of Cooper-Hewitt collections. Or, “what can you learn about 270,000 records in a week?”.

My report was also included in Digital Humanities Now's Editors’ Choice: Exploring the Cooper-Hewitt Collection Round-Up.