Interview for BBC Outriders

I was interviewed by Jamillah Knowles for BBC Outriders: Digital relaxation. I think the podcast should be downloadable from their archive.

From the episode blurb:

If you are interested in history anywhere, then you might be interested in LODLAM too. LODLAM is Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives and Museums. Imagine the world of history all linked up? Amazing!

I spoke to Mia Ridge who is currently a Phd student in Digital Humanities in the Department of History at the Open University and she explained more about LODLAM, what it can do and how we might be able to help us understand and work with global archives and more.

Crowdsourcing at 'Collaborating to Compete'

On 16 September 2011 I chaired a session (including a brief overview of my research, at the request of the organisers) at the Museums Galleries Scotland Conference 2011 Collaborating to Compete in Edinburgh.  My presentation notes about my research into crowdsourcing games for museums and some thoughts on the conference are at ‘Entrepreneurship and Social Media’ and ‘Collaborating to Compete’ and Conference notes: Museums and Galleries Scotland’s ‘Collaborate to Compete’.