Paper: Clay pipe recording at MoLAS and the stamped pipes makers’ mark website

Paper: Clay pipe recording at MoLAS and the stamped makers' mark website

SCPR Annual Conference, September 16, 2006
London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre, Mortimer Wheeler House

The paper discusses the process from initial specification through requirements gathering, database design, development of the database application and website, to publication online.  This was later published in the Newsletter of the Society for Clay Pipe Research.

Update, December 2011: if you're interested in clay pipes, you may be interested in Locating London's Past. The site also has an article that explains how Museum of London Archaeology (MoLA) Datasets – including clay pipes and glass – have been incorporated into the site.  NB: other than adding these links, I haven't updated the original 2006 paper, so it doesn't include any enhancements made for this new work.  On a personal note, it's lovely to see that the sites, and the backend work behind them, still have value.

Update, November 2012: the Society for Clay Pipe Research's Newsletter featured as Guest Publication in the BBC's Have I Got News For You. Fame, at last!

Society for Clay Pipe Research Newsletter on Have I Got News For You

Update, January 2015: possibly the best clay pipe ever?