2006: an overview

An incomplete, retrospective list of work, talks and more in 2006…

I gave a talk on the Design and development of the Dyson Archive of medieval London property transactions (Powerpoint slides) at a seminar on 'The Dyson Archive of medieval London property transactions: a seminar to discuss future work', June 12, 2006, London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre. I also published on The Tony Dyson Archive Project, with Nathalie Cohen and Nick Holder: a 'report of a pilot study investigating the creation of a digital archive of medieval property transactions along the City waterfront'.

Photo of a figurine of a bear in a museum display
Bear figurine at Catalhoyuk Exhibition, Istanbul

I worked at Çatalhöyük in Turkey over the summer and in the off-season, some of which is documented in Archive report: Çatalhöyük Archive Report 2006; there's an excerpt of my main bits at https://doi.org/10.17613/2shn-2v07.

Çatalhöyük blog posts, 2006:

I gave a paper: Clay pipe recording at MoLAS and the stamped makers' mark website at the SCPR Annual Conference, September 16, 2006, London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre, Mortimer Wheeler House: 'The paper discusses the process from initial specification through requirements gathering, database design, development of the database application and website, to publication online'.

I gave a seminar paper on 'The IT Strategy for Exploring 20th Century London' for the Exploring 20th Century London Project, September 25, 2006, at the Museum in Docklands, London.

After working in Turkey I travelled through Romania, Moldova, Transdniestr, and Ukraine.

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