Archive report: Çatalhöyük Archive Report 2005

I wrote the Database & IT Team report for the Çatalhöyük Archive Report 2005. The abstract is below.

Random mural on way to the otogar (bus station) from the airport, Antalya
My photos on site, and from journeys to and from Catalhoyuk, Turkey

"Our goals are to develop and improve applications that support the recording and analysis of the Çatalhöyük Projects archaeological research and data; and to improve access for the project team and the public to Çatalhöyük data.

The work of migrating stand-along Access databases to a central form, migrating non-Access interfaces to the project format, and application development and enhancement continued in 2005.

We expanded on the work on artefact-led recording we began last year.  This began with work towards using shared lists of values for recording different types of artefacts of the same material in preparation for the centralisation of previously unlinked databases.  In conjunction with the development of the core/extension model and the increasing use of views to create new insights from existing data, this lead to the re-thinking of the artefact recording model.  This model has exciting implications for the project as a whole.

We work with a design philosophy that underlies all development and integration work for the Çatalhöyük project.  The database is designed to be flexible, accessible and extensible."

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