2009: an overview

An incomplete, retrospective list of work, talks and more in 2009…

February – I did a talk: "Happy developers + happy museums = happy punters" at JISC's Dev8D; I blogged a transcript.

At some point in early 2009 I started the Museum API wiki, which still exists at http://museum-api.pbworks.com.

In April I was inspired by the Museums and the Web international conference to setup 'the MW2009 challenge' – 'take something from all the conversation at Museums and the Web 2009 and do something with them. So – pick one task.  To keep the momentum going, you should do it while it's still April 2009.'

In June I gave a talk Bubbles and Easter eggs – Museum Pecha Kucha at the British Museum in London. In July I repeated Bubbles, icebergs and Easter eggs at the Melbourne Museum Pecha Kucha.

September – I had an article published on the Museum-iD website, Learning lessons from a decade of museum websites. It was based on a paper I gave at the Museum-iD seminar on "Museum as Media Company: Social Media, Broadcasting & The Web” about ‘the role of the web at the Science Museum’.

November – the 'Cosmic Collections' crowdsourced web mashup competition I ran got some press on two web developer sites! Yahoo Developer Network: A new API and hack competition – this time not from a tech company but by a museum! Programmable Web: Science Museum Opens API and Challenges Developers to Mashup the Cosmos

December – I was invited to Oslo to give a lecture on Social Media in the ABM (MLA) Sector: Opportunities and Challenges and curated a session at the UK Museums on the Web conference on ‘Sensory’. I also spoke with Elizabeth Lomas and Benjamin Ellis on Continued Communication: maximising your communications in a Web 2.0 world at the Online Information 2009 conference. The paper I wrote with Elizabeth and Ben is online at Continued communication – maximising the business potential of communications through Web 2.0.

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