2004: an overview

An incomplete, retrospective list of work, talks and more in 2004…

Site discussion

I went out to work on-site at the Çatalhöyük Research Project near Konya in Turkey for the first time. Some of my work is documented in reports including Figurines and the Çatalhöyük 2004 Archive Report Database and IT, and some general background to the database and IT work we did on site is in Some of the history of the Catalhoyuk database.

I also gave a paper on 'The development of the Ceramics and Glass website' at the Ceramics and Glass Seminar, November 18, 2004 (Powerpoint slides), Mortimer Wheeler House, London.

Archive report: Çatalhöyük Archive Report 2004

While I'd started working on the project in 2003, 2004 was my first year on site at Çatalhöyük, a research dig at a Neolithic site in Anatolian Turkey.

My role was to discover the data recording, analysis and publication requirements for various specialist labs as well as the dig as a whole while working to clean, merge and centralise various stand-alone Access databases onto a single SQL Server installation.  I worked on specialist databases including Figurines, Pottery, Stamp seals, Human remains, Digital photography, Faunal, Crates, Finds Log, Conservation, Micromorphology, and the shared Diary.

While I was familiar with the single context recording system used on site, as a post-processual site, it was an interesting change from working with MoLAS and I found my previous background as a humanities student informed my understanding of the need to structure the recording of material and formal characteristics of various finds across existing specialisms.

With Rich May I wrote a brief Database & IT Developments report for the Çatalhöyük Archive Report 2004. The impact of the on-going database work is evident in other reports, such as the Figurines 2004 report.