Resources for ‘Crowdsourcing in Libraries, Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions’

A collection of links for further reading for the British Library's Digital Scholarship course on 'Crowdsourcing in Libraries, Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions'. Last updated June 2016.

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Crowdsourcing projects discussed

Other relevant crowdsourcing projects

Crowdsourcing review exercise links

Or for international projects: Crowdsourcing the world’s heritage

There are additional discussion questions and notes for reviewing sites on another post on 'NITLE ‘Crowdsourcing’ seminar'.

Additional exercises listed on Exercises for ‘The basics of crowdsourcing in cultural heritage’ are 'compare front pages' and 'lessons from game design'.

Useful blogs


These are showing their age but they're still a good starting point.

History of crowdsourcing

Motivations and other background

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  • Shirky, Clay. (2011). Cognitive surplus: creativity and generosity in a connected age. London, Penguin.

Crowdsourcing in cultural heritage and the humanities


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